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Rude Fans Get An Earful From Neil Young After Interrupting Concert

Neil Young angrily responds to being interrupted by fans in the middle of a concert. Continue reading…... more

Rumor Debunked: Michael Jackson Never Sang on a Doobie Brothers Record

Rumor has it that Michael Jackson secretly recorded background vocals for the Doobie Brothers' hit 'Minute by Minute' record. Rumors aren't always true. Continue reading…... more

Guns N' Roses Welcomes Gatorade to the Jungle

The Guns N' Roses classic 'Welcome To The Jungle' is now part of a new ad campaign for Gatorade. Continue reading…... more

Ace Frehley's Pre-Kiss Demos Unearthed

A demo acetate from the band Molimo -- featuring guitarist Ace Frehley, who would later join Kiss -- was recently discovered. Continue reading…... more

Bill Ward Rips Ozzy Osbourne: 'I've Lost a Friend, As Far As I'm Concerned'

Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward talks about recent health struggles and his troubled relationship with singer Ozzy Osbourne. Continue reading…... more

40 Years Ago: Blue Oyster Cult Release 'Secret Treaties'

When Long Island, New York’s Blue Oyster Cult released ‘Secret Treaties,’ on March 15, 1974, their future standing as bona-fide hard rock legends was anything but guaranteed. Continue reading…... more

Neil Young Suddenly Releases New Album, 'A Letter Home'

Neil Young has released an album of covers recorded in a vintage '40s recording booth at Jack White's studio. Continue reading…... more

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